My Position

  1. My Pledge

    I will look at every piece of legislation with these questions in mind:

    • Does this help my family?
      • How does this help your family?
        • Does this make you safer?
          • Does this better preserve your rights?

    And if the answer is no, I will vote against it!

  2. Our Rights

    We as a community place the highest value on family, home, and industry. I feel government is at its best when it is closer to the people. It is time to preserve and restore your personal rights to property, family and liberty. That’s what I will fight for as your representative.

  3. Accountability

    Are we accountable for our actions? Government regulation seems to grow more excessive every year. The news shows a country  divided with people refusing to listen to other points of view. It’s time to change the culture and make ours one where we all respect each other, our parents, our teachers, our law enforcement officers, and other public servants. We need to help our citizens, businesses and government leaders achieve their goals by holding them accountable and responsible.

  4. Prosperity

    Growth is coming to this wonderful valley and we need to manage it responsibly. We must improve our existing transportation infrastructure, ensure current project funding, and plan for a healthy tomorrow. The inland port and prison relocation present the opportunity to attract new jobs and diversified industries—I have the experience to help. Public education in Utah has produced admirable results for the funding it receives. Yes, more money is essential, but we can also improve our schools through local control with parent, teacher and business involvement. Let’s change the culture of respect for our teachers provide the funding for success and allow them to find solutions for their local problems. Skilled workers are in short supply. Higher education is a welcome component, but this is not the only path to success. I will work to help the next generation receive quality career training, in lucrative careers, that avoids excessive student loan debt. Suicide, mental health and health care are key issues that need our full attention. We must change the way we as citizens approach these services. We should develop better treatment facilities and options. We need to deregulate segments of health care and its associated costs while increasing access.